Odor Removal & Neutralization

Remove odors from cigarettes, cigars, smoke and other odors with our Ozone Treatment this (O3) gas breaks down odors at the molecule level, instantly removing the source of the smells.

sterilize and oxidize the most pungent odors

Ozone treatments work by emitting a gas that breaks down odors at the molecule level. This is a common treatment in hotel chains and auto dealerships around the world to deal with smokers and other odors that tend to stick around. Because this is a gas, the normal treatment in a household would last anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. During this time, there should not be any people, pets, or plants in the vicinity of the ozone. Ozone typically reverts back to oxygen on it’s own as it has a half-life of about an hour.

inquire if you need to remove the following odors

Cigarette Odors/Smells

Cigarette smells penetrate into walls, carpets, furniture, and almost any material that is porous.

Musty Home Odors

Musty odors are due to neglect, spills, humidity or standing water issues or a combination.

Smelly Carpets/Rooms

Spills and heavy usage tends to make carpets dirty and absorb the smells of the outside.


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