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3 Ways You Can Use to Reduce Property Risk as a Host

Starting and owning any business is risky. However, the host risk factors are higher regarding personal property. With hosting, you bring unknown people to your premises, and you have no idea who they are. However, you can put in measures to ensure that you minimize the risk involved. Read guest reviews You must check any

Airbnb Decor Tips To Make Your Space Stand Out

Private developers who want their Airbnb to stand out to guests have to consider various factors such as amenities, home size, location, and a preferred décor. Stylish home décor for a vacation rental is a proven way to impress the guests. Below is a list of Airbnb decor ideas to keep clients happy. Make it

A Detailed List Of What Travelers Look For When Booking An Airbnb

Vacationing once in a while comes with several benefits, especially if you do it in the company of people close to you. Most people today have embraced these benefits, so there has been an increase in incredible destinations globally. You can take advantage of this new development to create a vacation rental business, considering that

How To Handle Airbnb Problem (When Hosting Is Tough)

Are you currently hosting an Airbnb? Some of the interesting things linked with this business include meeting new people, encountering new experiences, and earning some money. Unfortunately, hosting an Airbnb may not always be fun, since you may encounter different challenges. For instance, you may experience issues with your house or even come across stubborn

Marketing Your Airbnb: 5 Secrets to Attract More Guests to Your Listing

Airbnb has provided a lot of property owners with an opportunity to earn a second income. In fact, the business has been so profitable to some that they choose to leave their day jobs and focus on hosting. However, running a successful Airbnb is more than just posting beautiful images of your property and changing

Creating Excellent Check Out Airbnb Message

A spellbinding message is an excellent investment for anyone hosting a vacation rental. A well-detailed check out Airbnb message improves your guests’ experience, prompting better reviews and returns. However, the catch is how to create an excellent check out Airbnb message. Observing the following elements will come in handy. You should send an Airbnb message

What Is a Good Welcoming Message for an Airbnb Home

If you want to create a welcoming experience for your guests, you have to create a series of messages that appeal to them. The first step is sending them a welcoming message so that they feel at home. You can send them a message on the day the guest is checking in or earlier. Whichever

5 Ways on How to Increase Vacation Rental Bookings

Every day, more and more people are becoming vacation rental hosts. This means you need to make your listing competitive to attract guests. The question hosts are asking is how to increase vacation rental bookings to get more revenue. There is no one specific way that can automatically lead to this. However, there are different

The Best Ways to Achieve an Instagrammable Airbnb

If you rent out your property to people on vacation, otherwise known as running an Airbnb, you may want to make it as appealing as possible. Today’s world runs mostly through technology and the Internet. Social media has mainly been an effective marketing tool for many businesses. Therefore, it is high time to take advantage


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